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What are Community Schools?

Community Schools is an initiative based on the four key pillars:  1) integrated student supports; 2) expanded and enriched learning time and opportunities; 3) active family and community engagement; and 4) collaborative leadership and practices. Together, the pillars allow for wrapround services to help students to thrive.

How will this be funded?

Community schools is about finding the resources within the community and tapping into the ones that will help our students thrive.  There are community members who have talents to help our schools and our schools will develop partnerships that will help sustain the Community School Initiative.

What kind of programs will Community Schools have?

Programs that will be implemented will depend on what all our stakeholders agree is needed.  Each Community School is different because they are based on the needs of the community.

What does parent involvement
look like in a classroom?

Parent involvement depends on what the students need and the talents of the volunteers that help in the classroom.  Examples could include helping with experiments, projects or possibly helping with students one on one.  It all depends on what’s needed at the time.

What are the expectations of
teachers for community schools?

Teachers will be given time to teach, not having to deal with the other issues that impact teaching.  With students getting the wraparound services they need they will be ready for learning.

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